HT Rosen & Jordan Stylez

HT Rosen & Jordan Stylez

A Jew and a Black Guy comedy show is an Atlanta-based duo, comprised of HT Rosen and Jordan Stylez.  They bring back the catskill type antics of yesterday in a comedic duo fashion reminiscent of old times.

A Jew and a Black Guy are hip, modern comics that attempt to break down racial biases and stereotypes through laughter and fun.  They have produced, hosted, marketed, and sold out over 100 large events all over the U.S.  The duo has toured, featured, and hosted countless theaters and comedy clubs, including the world famous PunchlineThe Relapse Theatre, The Basement Theatre, Village Theatre, Jerry Farber’s, and many more.

A Jew and a Black Guy just recently finished a west coast tour culminating in Los Angeles with stops at the Comedy Store, Comedy Union, and a headlining spot at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Studios.

This crazy comedy duo has constantly toured, going all over the South, up the Eastern Seaboard, and then out West.  Do yourself a favor and catch A Jew and a Black Guy in a city near you!